The adventures of the Trabaccolo Concordia

Published by Museo della Navigazione Fluviale Battaglia terme - Padova on

Saturday morning, February 8, 2020, the historic Trabaccolo Concordia was launched from the historic Casaril shipyard in Venice, where it had been on vases for months, waiting for a savior.
The previous owner was now determined to dismantle it, because he risked going down if he returned to Giudecca, where he used to moor.

The TVB association, which manages the Museum of River Navigation, has intervened to safeguard at least the hull. Having repaired the main leaks, unable to occupy the space in the yard, he was transported to the calm waters of the Bay of Forte Marghera and, in the meantime, the City of Venice, the Mayor, was activated to welcome the historic Trabaccolo Concordia at the Arsenal, and interest the local Museum of Traditional Boats (MIT) for its protection, as required by Article 9 of the Italian Constitution.

Riccardo Cappellozza has taught us never to give up when the course is right.

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