Visiting Battaglia and its Surroundings

In addition to taking the nearby waterways and trails in the Euganean Hills, other points of interest include the imposing Castello Catajo (Catajo Castle), the lovely Chiesa di S. Giacomo (St. James’ Church), the falls at the Arco di Mezzo, the natural sudoriferous cave (previously INPS) and the elegant Selvatico-Sartori villa. Or you can simply follow the “Ferro di cavallo” (Horseshoe) nature trail and the shore along the Battaglia canal.

Nearby are Monselice with its Rocca (Citadel), Castle and the Sette Chiese (Seven Churches), the historical garden of Emo Villa in Rivella, the medieval churches of S. Stefano (St. Stephen) in Due Carrare and S. Giustina (St. Justina) in Pernumia, the castle of S. Pelagio (St. Pelagius), today the Museo dell’Aria (Museum of Air and Flight) and the Butterfly Arc – Casa delle Farfalle in Montegrotto Terme. All within just a few kilometers.

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