Opening days

   until november 4th 2018

from Tuesday to Sunday
9-12 am / 3-6 pm
(Wednesday August 15th and Thursday November 1st included)

Thursday Evening   9–11 pm
(untill August 30th)


   from november 5th 2018 to december 8th 2018

Saturday, Sunday & holidays
9-12 am / 3-6 pm

Possibility to visit on other days and times, by reservation.


   from december 8th 2018 to january 6th 2019

from Wednesday to Sunday
9-12 am / 3-6 pm

(Tuesday December 25th 2018 and Tuesday January 1st 2019 closed)


Closure starts from 5.30 pm.
It will be possible, by reservation, to visit the exhibition halls and the fluvial Village of Battaglia Terme, discovering the important role of river navigation in this area.


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