Outdoor – Boats and exhibits

Exhibited in the outside courtyard of the museum are fèri (anchors), hoists, winches (verricello), engines and brìcole (Bricola is the wooden piling used to mark the course of a Venetian canals and rivers). Just a short walk from here, near Catajo Castle, is another point of interest connected to the Museum: the boat basin. This outstanding work of hydraulic was inaugurated in 1923 and recently restored connects the Battaglia Canal, i.e. the Paduan and Euganean territory, with the Vigenzone-Rialto, that lead to the sea, the with a difference in level of up to 7.4 meters.

On the bank near the basin are the burchio “Luisa”, a peata and the tow-boats “Pavia” and “Sparviero”. The basin is completed by a cavana (wooden shelter for small boats) under which the recently restored caorlina “Giorgia” is moored.

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