With us every day of the new year!

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Happy New Year with


of the River Navigation Museum!

With us, in good company,
every day of the new year!

If you wish to support the Museum during this closing period, ask for your calendar to be printed!

With the contribution of € 10.00 you can book the calendar.

Information and reservations: info@museonavigazione.eu

If, on the other hand, you wish to support the Museum by joining the Friends Club, sign up now too!

With the contribution of € 50.00 (€ 30.00 students, € 20.00 minors) you can join many initiatives, meetings, guided tours at discounted prices for you and your family, and take advantage of free access to the Museum, not as soon as there will be the reopening!

Write to info@museonavigazione.eu to find out more.

Our doors are closed but the culture does not stop!
Today your generosity can make a difference!


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