Varo a s-ciafà

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Pescantina, Building site of Cobelli brothers, Thirtys years. Varo a s-ciafà. ©Francesco Rastrelli. Tutti i diritti riservati. Ogni utilizzo è vietato se non concordato prima con l’Autore.

The varo is the passage of the boat from the ground to the water. Usually the workers used varo a poppa, in which they slided the boat towards the water with the vasi : they were some wooden boards under the bottom of the boat and used for the slipway.

And what is the varo a s-ciafà?

It is a type of varo in wich the boat is put on the water sideways. Its name comes from the dialect name “s-ciafà” that means slap: the boat touches the water such as a slap.

It is used in rivers where there is a strong flow of water, for example in the Pescantina building site, in the Adige river (whatch yhe foto).


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