The Water We Want – Youth Prize Contest 2020

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The Youth Prize Contest The Water We Want is aimed to explore our inherited and multifaceted water heritage from the perspective of young people.

With this contest, running from October 15th 2019 to March 15th 2020, the Global Network of Water Museums (WAMU-NET) wishes to link together the educational activities carried out by all its members, engaging actively young visitors as pro-active storytellers and narrators of our liquid future.

The topic selected for the 1st Youth Contest, in connection with the World Water Day theme for 2020, is “Water and Climate Change”. It is suggested to elaborate this topic also in conjunction with your inherited water heritage, both natural and/or cultural, tangible and/or intangible and, if possible, with one or more Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

What stories can children and youth convey worldwide about their inherited water heritage?

How would they illustrate the broad challenges of the 2030 Agenda and SDGs implementation?

What tiny daily revolutionary gesture could contribute to water protection and improved sustainable water management?

How can we modify the “negative” narratives on climate change into pro-positive and do-able solutions to face the global water crises?

Participants The contest is addressed to schools, learning institutions (both formal and informal) and civil society organizations worldwide, and is limited to two age categories: students 6-12 year-old (primary education) and 13-18 year-old (secondary education).

Info: Civic Museum of River Navigation – The Village of Boatmen
PHONE +39 049 525170 – SMS/WHATSAPP +39 345 6822956

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