The MUBA at the Caffè Literary Treccani for the event “Serenissimi sapori”

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The MUBA, the Museum of Boatmen of Battaglia Terme, has been invited to participate in the event “Serenissimi sapori” at the Caffè Literary Treccani in Padua, scheduled for Friday, November 29 at 20:30.
For the occasion will remain moored next to the restaurant a sàndolo that is one of the most famous and popular boats of the Venetian Lagoon.
The Museum is particularly sensitive to what happened in Venice, especially in Chioggia, Pellestrina, Portosecco and Venice, places of ports, squeri, barcari, burci.
On this occasion, the Museum will offer all participants a special discount for the guided tour of the Museum and the promise to donate 1 euro for every ticket purchased at the Caffè Treccani, to the Acqua Alta bookshop in Venice, a symbol of the tragedy of recent weeks in Venice.

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