Navigation at sunrise!

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Exclusive navigation at sunrise.
Two hours like a boatman!
Try the river awakening of the senses with exercises of muscular awakening, navigating at sunrise along the environmental, monumental and historic context of canale Piovego in Padua. 
On board the Delta Nova (, the only electric boat of Padua, in the silence of the city, that is about to wake up, the personal trainer Jessica Griggio ( will accompany you with muscular awakening exercises and she will offer you her personal “breakfast bag”, for a healthy breakfast.
On board, the story of the journey will be food and training for your thought.
Mind, body, breath you’ll have to put them. Get on board!
at 5.45 am boarding at pier of the Scalinata del Portello – Porta Portello in Padua
at 6.00 am beginning navigation at sunrise
6.00-7.00 am muscular awakening exercises
at 7.00 am navigation in relax, with the breakfast bag and the guide
at 8.00 am landing at pier of the Scalinata del Portello – Porta Portello in Padua
Price euro 100,00 per person
It is required sportswear and the personal equipment of a gym mat.
The navigation will take place also in case of rain.
The schedule can be changed in the event of adverse weather conditions.
Control and technical assistance Delta Tour –
Info:, tel. 049525170
TVB Association runs the River Navigation Museum of Battaglia Terme and promotes the river navigation. 
A river with boats is a living river.