An Autumn on a Boat!

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The organisation of the guided visit with excursion on boat by the Museum of River Navigation continues also for the autumn season!

In addition to the guided visit of the Museum, we will take a boat ride, on board of typical venetian traditional boat, built in wood. It will be a slow navigation through the Battaglia canal, rowed by an experienced rower of Voga alla Veneta, living the same experience of old boatmen, that, with their boats, without engine, delivered the goods.

From the water we will be able to observe some of the historic and characteristic sites of the river village of Battaglia Terme and we will go through the suggestive navigation basin (with a water jump of over 7 meters!), to disembark at the Museum of River Navigation!

For large groups will be able to reserve, depending on availability, the motor boat!

  • Visit of the Museum: 1 hour
  • Excursion on boat: 30 minutes or 60 minutes
  • phone +39 049 525 170